#InspirationalTuesday – October/November 17

Brrr… is getting cold! Summer is gone and we definitely need some color to warm up the next days, isn’t it? 🙂
No worries, the new Inspirational Tuesday collection is here, start scrolling!


Yuqing Zhu – Paper Self, Jade & Turquoise

Speaking of colors, how can I not start with this astonishing self-portrait of and by Yuqing Zhu?
Click on the link to see all the details!

 Alexandra Dvornikova – All you need is a wall

I would like to stay a little more on the color topic but switching on the autumn side. Because cold seasons have great ones too, I bet you agree with me.
Alexandra Dvornikova made some great pieces using the darker ones.
I encourage you to go on her website and see the whole series
(which I absolutely adore by the way!).

Victor Nunes Faces

Autumn might also give some different kind of inspiration to some artists, like Victor, who gave a whole new life to these fallen leaves.

 Richard Mosse – Infra

And if you still crave for colors, you should totally check Richard Mosse’s collection of Infrared Photographs.
Doesn’t it look surreal?

 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017

If the idea that colors fade at night, well, youb sould definitely take a look at these photographs.

Alison McCauley

What if someone takes colors away? Then you can still play with lights and shadows!
Check out Alison McCauley gallery on Instagram, she is a wonderful Black and White photographer!

Inude – Hudea

Some of you might know by now that music is a huge part of my life and if we’re talking about colors, well, it definitely gives shades to mine. This is why I’m adding this track to my collection. Take a listen to this italian emerging band I happily discovered about a month ago.

Winstor & Newton – Tips and Techniques

And if you ever felt like you needed to improve your color game, I would totally recommend the Winstor & Newton tutorials and tips. I recently started to follow them and I find them pretty useful!

 Pony Island

Last but not least, autumn brings… Halloween! You might ask what a Pony has to do with it, well, when Satan tries to trap your soul it doesn’t really matte whether you are a Pony or a human, right? If you want something fun to get in the mood while waiting for the end of October, I definitely recommend this super fun indie videogame.

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See you next month, stay inspired!

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