CHEAP FESTIVAL 2018 | Call for artist entry


As promised, here’s something for CHEAP’s Call For Artist. I already said how much I was waiting for it to open in a previous post. 🙂 I also really liked the topic, Fragment/Unit, because it can be interpreted in different ways, especially in this historic moment.

While conformism is now the ordinary, we feel unique as never before. At the same time, a feeling of hate and violence is getting stronger, pushing our need to feel part of the human kind again, to find a greater love, to hold hands without fear. 

This is my vision and what I tried to represent. Last week I sent my work to CHEAP, selected works are going to be announced at the end of May, so… let’s hope for the best! 🤞

Cotonfioc 2018 | Call for Artist Entry

Cross your finger for me and my colorful girl.
I just sent my entry for the Cotonfioc 2018 Call for Artist. Cotonfioc is a music festival held in Genoa, this year’s going to be in June and the topic they gave was The others, closely nobody’s normal. As you can imagine, I love it.  So, inspired by the way of saying To show your true colors, this was my proposal, playing with the concept of a regular black and white girl and the weird colored mask.
Because we all know that the weird stuff is all kept inside, right?

I’m leaving here the poster preview but you can find the full project on my Behance. Just in case you stop by and you like it, think about pressing that thumb up, Id really appreciate that. 🙂

Okay, time to get back to work now, but I’ll let you know who the winner is and which posters will be selected for the exposition that will take place during the days of the festival, probably here or on my social channels. I bet it’s going to be as great as the call. Stay Tuned!

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Cheap 2018 | Call for Artists

From now on I would like to bring you as many art contest as I can, for all the artists out there, starting from a very interesting one. I’ve been waiting for this call pretty long now and I encourage you to take part to it, It’s Cheap‘s call for artist 2018.

This year’s topic is Fragment/Unity and the description on their website really makes me want to get to work immediately! I’m leaving here an extract so you can read it:

” […] every one of your individual posters is a fragment of the collective narrative that is unity. But also like our societies, increasingly broken down into individual fragments of social, cultural and economic atomization. Parceled out in a process we experience as a limit with the power to erect borders and ignite conflicts, a limit with the power to position individual subjectivities in opposition and transform them into elements just waiting to collide […]
CHEAP challenges you all to overcome this fragmentation and imagine new scenes of re-composition: defragmented, reassembled and reconstituted, granting us access to new complex systems. Show us what it means to be single in a plural setting, experience yourselves as atoms inside a different kind of matter, make room for the possibility of being different but equal, establish whether the whole really is more than the sum of its parts. […] Cast yourselves as bacteria and experience the virality of the new colony. Show us that you have to be drops if you want to be the ocean.”

Will you take part to this? I will surely do and you will also see my entry right here on my website. I’m leaving the link to their website down here.
So, what do you think? Do you like this year’s topic? And do you like the idea of me collecting here all the new and interesting art contest I find around the web? Drop me a comment down here and let me know! 



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