Dive into words, like the white whale. [Free download]

Yup, I ripped this page from a Moby Dick book. A pretty old and used one actually.
Nice edition, I loved the italian translation.

My friend said I am a monster for doing it.
But I did it for the sake of art, could you ever forgive me?

Plus, that was just a part of the real book. Come on!
I found it years ago in a thrift shop and started reading it, but as I said, it was just half of the book. So I decided to buy a better edition, with amazing illustrations and to use this old one to have fun. 🙂

The original piece is going to be a gift, but thinking about that, I decided to make it a gift for you all, soooo… Yup, surprise! You can find an A4 printable version for free in my downloadable area!

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Consider it my late Christmas Gift, eheh!

If you download it and make a picture out of it for your home or whatever, please send me a picture, I’d be super glad to know about it and to see the result. <3


Sotto La Gonna, An Ode To No One [Free Download]

Do you remember my two old posts about my collaboration with the Italian writer?

This was the first one: “While legs run and play, hands are drawing”
 and here’s the second one: “Crazy days!”

Well, everything is finally done and we are just waiting for it to be published into this collection of history dedicated to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. In agreement with the Author, I turned it into a free and downloadable E-book that you can download from my usual Free Download Area.

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Not the regular St. Valentine’s Day!

Once more, it’s almost St. Valentine’s day.

I’m not a huge fan of the day-of-the-couples-thing to be honest, but I’ve always thought that it’s just one more chance to celebrate all the people that we love.
Not just our sweet-half , but also friends, family or even only the beautiful people that cheer our lives up.

This is why, what I hate the most, are all those horrible, terrible, super cheesy cards.

Most of them can’t even be used to show some affection to our best friends or siblings for example!
I was thinking about all these things while drawing some days ago, and suddenly this idea came to my mind.

I thought “I’m going to draw some greeting cards, suitable for everyone!” and

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