Street Inn | Bed, Street Art and Breakfast

Planning to spend a day in Florence?
Make two and stop losing any more time in looking for a good hotel or Bed&Breakfast, I got you. Book at the Street Inn. I understand if you’re skeptical if someone that lives in Florence gives you advice in where to sleep in town, but trust me, I know this place quite well. I’ve seen all the rooms and I have to admit that if I had to, I wouldn’t be able to choose.

Why? Well, because each room has been decorated by a different Street Artist between the best in town and it’s unique! These awesome artists are Ache77, Exit Enter , Hopnn, RMOGRL8120 and Urto.

But others have also left something around the whole place. For example you can find Stelle Confuses’ stickers, NiAn and Jamesboy’s murales and the well-know post it by Post Hit.

And as said before, I know this place quite well because Silvia, the owner (who you simply can’t avoid to become friend with), put on super cool events all the time and that’s how I met her. ❤

So, if you’re an art fan in general and especially if you love street art, if you like cutting-edge places and you might like the idea to sleep at 5 minutes walking  from the main station and at 20 from the Duomo, remember this place, you’ll thank me later.

I simply can’t wait for a new event, maybe an emergent artist exhibition and in case, see you there! Meanwhile, check out the pictures I took the last time I went there. What do you think about that? Don’t you think that it’s a super cool place? 😍


Within, White Out

That’s the name of my first exhibition in the beautiful town I’m living, Florence. 
It’s been 2 years now since I moved here. My life changed completely, I took back some things I totally stopped doing, like singing, writing, drawing.
2 years ago I would have never thought about seeing my drawings exposed in Florence.
And if only you knew how much I love unexpected plot twists in my life. 🙂

But keeping it simple and short, I’m writing to share with you this event, just in case you happen to be in Florence this wednesday, I will be at via dell’Albero 18, inside the ContestaRockHair salon, and my drawings will be there for about a month. 

I really wish to see you there. ❤


Jumping into 2018 while exploring Italy

FINALLY the 2017 is gone. Lol, just kidding.

2017 was not bad year for me, at all, but December is always a terrible month in my opinion. Plus I really needed some holidays and some time for me.

Like a lot.

Don’t know about you, but sometimes I need to get completely away and do something that can restore my will power, my inspiration, myself. Most of the time this means travelling and roaming somewhere, in order to free my mind and gain back that voice in my head that whispers “Get back to your work, now!”.

Right now is actually screaming.

But let’s take this from the beginning. Me and my mate, with our almost nonexistent budget tried to book some flight or holiday. Of course everything is terribly expensive during the new year’s period, so we just decided to jump in the car and visit Umbria, one region of our beautiful country.

Being broke has a good side: it makes choices quite easy to make.
So we packed our things, our enthusiasm and we started our trip.
Pynch were now on the road:

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Love, is what they showed.

Weeks ago I just told you half of the story.
After my weekend in Turin, I took a train to get to Padova, because another amazing concert was waiting for me there.

When I heard that Hundred Waters were playing at MAME Club I thought it was a joke, but when I checked, tickets were actually available.
13.50€… seriously? Again, I thought it was probably fake.
So I did what everyone would do, I googled it and it turned out it was actually true: how could I not go?
First and only one date in Italy. 
I had to.

So that’s what I did,  I took my backpack and went there. No regret.

The opening band was HÅN, I didn’t know her music and it was a very pleasant discover.

Then Hundred Waters, one of my favorite bands started playing.
What happened was both unexpected and beautiful.

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Eat. Concerts. Art Shows. Sleep. Repeat.

Pic taken at Artissima's art fair 2017

Well, I took some days off recently. Everyday life has been swallowing me and I just did not notice it, until I realized it all of a sudden. Luckily I have some good friends that drag me out of my cave and away from work whenever I need it.  I’m glad to introduce you to my crew, eheh.

So, with these lovely people up here, I’ve been roaming a little in Turin. Turned out to be a quite cold but peaceful long weekend. All the streets were already decorated with some cool light installation. Of course the space/constellation decorations caught my attention quite immediately.

Well, to be honest it became peaceful right after the Club 2 Club concert on Friday: did I mention that I was there for a pretty big concert? I bet you aren’t surprised at all, eheh. I was there mostly to see Bonobo and Nicolas Jaar live. 

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Roam through Bologna, you will stumble upon beauty.

One of the things I like the most, is to get lost trough the streets of cities I don’t know that much. Well, Bologna is not an unknown place to me but since I never lived there, it still taste a little bit like there’s always something new you’re about to discover around that corner or the other one and somehow that’s exactly what happened. While I was wandering with my friend, the poster you can see here above my words got our attention. This is how I got to know the Cheap Festival

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Welcome back, it’s 2017

Hey hey, there I am.
Happy Xmas, happy new year, happy everything.
Did you already signed your list of good intentions for this newborn year?
Well, with or without a list, I can feel that I really needed these holidays. I got back to work full of energy and new ideas and I really hope that you might feel the same right now.

During this pause, to be honest, I worked a lot with my head and my hands. If you are following my pages and newsletter you will see a lot of new works published, hopefully. I’m getting everything ready these days, like choosing frames, taking pictures and so on… you know, all those things that usually orbit around the pure artwork.
In the meanwhile anyway, I took some pictures and while they pile up, I’m starting to see them getting a somekind of shape, naturally linking to themselves and giving a meaning to each other.
Ever said “Don’t trash it because it will be useful one day”?
This is what is happening with my photos.
They are slowly giving life to new topics, in their own way.
It is a beautiful sensation that I sincerely struggle to explain. 🙂

If you’re not new here on my website, you’ll surely notice some changing soon.

But chitchatting aside, I’ll show you what I brought back from Denmark this Christmas. I’ve been so lucky, that I had the chance to spend these holidays enjoying the company of some really nice danish people. Should I really mention that their house totally captured me?
I stole all these pictures right inside of that place.

These pictures are not the only one, but let’s say that these are the “ready” ones.
You’ll soon see


Hello there, nice to meet you.

Hey there everyone!
Finally I am writing my first post here on my website.
First of all I really hope that you like it and if you have any comment, tip or thoughts of any kind, really, feel free to share: every opinion is much appreciated.
Switching rapidly to the true topic, I mostly care about sharing with you my new works. 😀
If you are following me on my Instagram and Facebook, you will know that I’ve been in Denmark for a couple of weeks, in particular Copenhagen and Vejby Strand.



Instead of souvenirs, what I brought back home are photos and some works. 🙂



To be honest I think I still have some other raw pictures, so I hope to be able to work on them soon.

Have you ever visited Denmark? Do you like to travel?
Let me know in the comments what is your best memory you have from one of your travels. 🙂