A bell is ringing.
Can you hear it from the woods?
A ray of light
hole the shadow.
Don’t speak now,
listen to the sough of the wind
wash your face from the past,
you can leave it here.
Can the music keep playing?
I don’t want to hear anything else.
I just want to rest my head
We’ve been wandering too long.
I lost the count of my steps.
all I know is they brought me here,
to face the wanderer
and lay my weights.
How did I become so different?
How did I become so much like you?
How are we so apart?
How are we so alike?

Paper planes, animals and stories.


Yes, because everything starts from paper.
The white paper sheet you place in front of you when you feel like drawing something, the colorful paper that capture your sight when looking for inspiration, whether is a book page, some gift paper wrap or an origami sheet.
It’s such a lightweight object, yet so important in every creative person’s life.

But why am I writing about paper and origami? Because that was the last subject of my inspiration, you can see the whole work here.
I wanted to share with you this last work, that I’m very satisfied with. 🙂
Here are some pictures of the finished pieces.

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