Make it now | Book Review

Do you know Anthony Burrill?
If not, this is a good moment to repair, actually.
Burrill is a graphic designer and print-maker. His specialty are his famous posters, covered in big cool fonts and phrases, simple but powerful.

Why do I talk about Burrill, you’ll ask.
Because last year, while I was in Berlin, I found his book “Make it Now” and it’s been like a breathe of fresh air.

You’ll read the book in half a day, but you’ll be flipping through it forever.
The pages are filled with lettering, of pictures of his works, of quotes that will make you want to say Yes Anthony, I’ll make it now, just as you say.

Why am I talking about it now, you’ll say.
Because I’m going through a bad moment. I don’t feel very much inspired, I feel down, I feel like I would toss everything away. That book is like a subliminal message that reminds me that I have to make it and now. It gets my attention every morning and reminds me of that breath of fresh air I felt while reading it the first time. It’s like my morning coffee, it wakes me up and makes me say Yes Anthony, I’ll make it now, just as you say.

This is why I’m talking about it, because you might need it too. You’ll read about Anthony’s mistakes, about how he got where he is and you’ll laugh at his jokes.
But above all, you’ll think Yes Anthony, I’ll make it now, just as you say.

Street Inn | Bed, Street Art and Breakfast

Planning to spend a day in Florence?
Make two and stop losing any more time in looking for a good hotel or Bed&Breakfast, I got you. Book at the Street Inn. I understand if you’re skeptical if someone that lives in Florence gives you advice in where to sleep in town, but trust me, I know this place quite well. I’ve seen all the rooms and I have to admit that if I had to, I wouldn’t be able to choose.

Why? Well, because each room has been decorated by a different Street Artist between the best in town and it’s unique! These awesome artists are Ache77, Exit Enter , Hopnn, RMOGRL8120 and Urto.

But others have also left something around the whole place. For example you can find Stelle Confuses’ stickers, NiAn and Jamesboy’s murales and the well-know post it by Post Hit.

And as said before, I know this place quite well because Silvia, the owner (who you simply can’t avoid to become friend with), put on super cool events all the time and that’s how I met her. ❤

So, if you’re an art fan in general and especially if you love street art, if you like cutting-edge places and you might like the idea to sleep at 5 minutes walking  from the main station and at 20 from the Duomo, remember this place, you’ll thank me later.

I simply can’t wait for a new event, maybe an emergent artist exhibition and in case, see you there! Meanwhile, check out the pictures I took the last time I went there. What do you think about that? Don’t you think that it’s a super cool place? 😍


3×3 Magazine | Review

Do you remember my post about Artefiera? Well, I forgot to say something quite important, that the entrance was filled with tons of beautiful books and mags for sale. In this case my reactions are 2: first I become a new kind of creepy Gollum that wants everything he sees, second I remember how poor I am and that stealing is not quite the way.
But whenever I am surrounded by stuff that catches my eye, I just have to take something home with me. And this is the story of how I start to touch, browse, look and my mind get to decide which piece is the most special in that specific moment.

This time’s winner is 3×3 magazine that I found at Edicola 518’s stand.  This magazine was new to me and besides from being today’s protagonist is a yearly collection of the best illustrators of the year, in this case is obviously 2017
What I liked the most is the decision to collect the artist not for their style or origin, that can often end up being quite boring for the reader, but for medium. From Posters to online magazines, from books to videogames, the possibility of applications for a specific style are endless and this layout help us understand that our taste can always suit to someone’s project out there.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It is not true that one style is better than another one for a specif job or field, or better said, that might be, but never give anything for granted.
Last but not least and there’s probably no need to say that, it is a true gold mine to draw some inspiration and the chosen illustrators are terrific.
But I’ll let the pictures speak for it, as I always do.

What about your inspirational sources?
Let me know about yours in the comments!


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Hoppìpolla | A box full of magic

Press play to set the mood:


Have you ever heard of Hoppìpolla?
It’s a magical box, full of beauties and happiness.

That’s exactly how I felt when I opened mine today. It was the first time I received it  and just like all the new things it comes with a mix of suspense, expectation and impatience.
I can say now that it didn’t leave me disappointed.

Hoppìpolla is a blind subscription, yeah just like dates. Every month you will get a box filled with all the nice objects that these guys collected, from emerging artists, niche magazines and design objects.
This month’s one was full of magical pugs, chocolate and a magazine that speak about european artists. I really hope that I am going to like April’s one just like this one, I’ll let you know! Would you like to see more posts about these boxes? If so, let me know in the comments! 😉

Did I get your attention? If so, down here you can find a link to their websites, just scroll and dive into their colorful world!


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“Will Happiness find me” by Peter Fischli and David Weiss | Book Review

I believe that exploring what’s behind and inside our minds is even more interesting than what we can create sometimes. Or at least, it can help us get into that one’s life and to understand how that person became who he or she is.

I believe that the ideas that we have are just the product of everything that surround us.

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