Cotonfioc 2018 | Call for Artist Entry

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Incrociate le dita per me e per la mia ragazza colorata.
Sto partecipando alla Call For Artist di Cotonfioc 2018, un festival musicale di Genova che si terrà a giugno e il tema era Gli Altri, da vicino nessuno è normale. Un tema che mi è piaciuto particolarmente. Quindi, ispirata dal modo di dire inglese To show your true colors che mi piace sempre tanto, ho proposto questo poster giocando sul contrasto della ragazza in bianco e nero e della maschera stramboide a colori.
Dai, tanto lo sappiamo tutti che le cose strane ce le teniamo dentro.

Qui vi lascio il dettaglio del poster, mentre il progetto completo lo potete vedere anche sul mio profilo Behance. In caso ci siate anche voi e vogliate lasciare un like, sappiate che è gradito. 🙂

Detto questo, torno al lavoro e vi farò sapere qui o sui canali social chi ha vinto, perché la Call promette bene e sono proprio curiosa di vedere quale saranno i poster selezionati per l’evento e per l’esposizione che verrà organizzata durante il festival. Stay Tuned!

Cross your finger for me and my colorful girl.
I just sent my entry for the Cotonfioc 2018 Call for Artist. Cotonfioc is a music festival held in Genoa, this year’s going to be in June and the topic they gave was The others, closely nobody’s normal. As you can imagine, I love it.  So, inspired by the way of saying To show your true colors, this was my proposal, playing with the concept of a regular black and white girl and the weird colored mask.
Because we all know that the weird stuff is all kept inside, right?

I’m leaving here the poster preview but you can find the full project on my Behance. Just in case you stop by and you like it, think about pressing that thumb up, Id really appreciate that. 🙂

Okay, time to get back to work now, but I’ll let you know who the winner is and which posters will be selected for the exposition that will take place during the days of the festival, probably here or on my social channels. I bet it’s going to be as great as the call. Stay Tuned!

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Jumping into 2018 while exploring Italy

FINALLY the 2017 is gone. Lol, just kidding.

2017 was not bad year for me, at all, but December is always a terrible month in my opinion. Plus I really needed some holidays and some time for me.

Like a lot.

Don’t know about you, but sometimes I need to get completely away and do something that can restore my will power, my inspiration, myself. Most of the time this means travelling and roaming somewhere, in order to free my mind and gain back that voice in my head that whispers “Get back to your work, now!”.

Right now is actually screaming.

But let’s take this from the beginning. Me and my mate, with our almost nonexistent budget tried to book some flight or holiday. Of course everything is terribly expensive during the new year’s period, so we just decided to jump in the car and visit Umbria, one region of our beautiful country.

Being broke has a good side: it makes choices quite easy to make.
So we packed our things, our enthusiasm and we started our trip.
Pynch were now on the road:

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