Make it now | Book Review

Do you know Anthony Burrill?
If not, this is a good moment to repair, actually.
Burrill is a graphic designer and print-maker. His specialty are his famous posters, covered in big cool fonts and phrases, simple but powerful.

Why do I talk about Burrill, you’ll ask.
Because last year, while I was in Berlin, I found his book “Make it Now” and it’s been like a breathe of fresh air.

You’ll read the book in half a day, but you’ll be flipping through it forever.
The pages are filled with lettering, of pictures of his works, of quotes that will make you want to say Yes Anthony, I’ll make it now, just as you say.

Why am I talking about it now, you’ll say.
Because I’m going through a bad moment. I don’t feel very much inspired, I feel down, I feel like I would toss everything away. That book is like a subliminal message that reminds me that I have to make it and now. It gets my attention every morning and reminds me of that breath of fresh air I felt while reading it the first time. It’s like my morning coffee, it wakes me up and makes me say Yes Anthony, I’ll make it now, just as you say.

This is why I’m talking about it, because you might need it too. You’ll read about Anthony’s mistakes, about how he got where he is and you’ll laugh at his jokes.
But above all, you’ll think Yes Anthony, I’ll make it now, just as you say.

We all change, drawing style too.

I tried to write a post where I could tell you how I reached this style.
I tried to write about how I picked certain words or sentences.
But the truth is I can’t explain it, I only know that I had these pictures in mind, these images, these shapes, these lines. I felt the need to let you understand who I really am, and if you look at the latest works I published on Instagram you’ll get what I mean.

This is how I feel, made of crooked lines going anywhere, directed into an infinite space where are floating words, shapes, thoughts.

I don’t know if this has any sense for you, but somehow when I look at them I feel like I see myself in te mirror. I want to write more, I want to write onto drawings and pictures. There are always too many ideas and too little time to bring them to life, but some of them naturally push me to work on them. Sometimes I don’t even realize it, and they’re done already.

Does it ever happens to you too?


Street Inn | Bed, Street Art and Breakfast

Planning to spend a day in Florence?
Make two and stop losing any more time in looking for a good hotel or Bed&Breakfast, I got you. Book at the Street Inn. I understand if you’re skeptical if someone that lives in Florence gives you advice in where to sleep in town, but trust me, I know this place quite well. I’ve seen all the rooms and I have to admit that if I had to, I wouldn’t be able to choose.

Why? Well, because each room has been decorated by a different Street Artist between the best in town and it’s unique! These awesome artists are Ache77, Exit Enter , Hopnn, RMOGRL8120 and Urto.

But others have also left something around the whole place. For example you can find Stelle Confuses’ stickers, NiAn and Jamesboy’s murales and the well-know post it by Post Hit.

And as said before, I know this place quite well because Silvia, the owner (who you simply can’t avoid to become friend with), put on super cool events all the time and that’s how I met her. ❤

So, if you’re an art fan in general and especially if you love street art, if you like cutting-edge places and you might like the idea to sleep at 5 minutes walking  from the main station and at 20 from the Duomo, remember this place, you’ll thank me later.

I simply can’t wait for a new event, maybe an emergent artist exhibition and in case, see you there! Meanwhile, check out the pictures I took the last time I went there. What do you think about that? Don’t you think that it’s a super cool place? 😍


Pug it up!

Press play to set the mood:

Do you like pugs?
Do you like music?
Do you like free stuff?

If so, stay tuned because a super giveaway it’s coming, involving this guy up here that’s also subject of my latest digital work. I really feel the urge to draw more animals… Yes, I can totally feel it. 🐕 🐈 🐇

Empty inside | when you just can’t create

We always believe we are the only ones to feel like that. 
I mean, you know that others feel empty too, like blocked.
But you are the only one feeling this empty.

See, you should stop feeling guilty if you are producing less than the others, it doesn’t mena that you’re less competent. Stop comparing yourself to others just to see how worse than them you are. Comparing yourself to others is useful as long as you are objective. Look at who did better than you, but also at those who did worse.

Stop repeating yourself that you’ll never improve, that noone cares about what you do, that is useless to put yourself out there because noone likes your work or find it useless. Always remember that you admire someone and he or she thought these same things about him/herself, but (s)he put them aside to carry on.

Don’t stop if it’s months or years that you’re trying and you still feel like you haven’t achieved anything. It takes consistency and a lot of patience to get what you want.

Stop telling yourself that the world is already full of people that do the same thing that you do and that you’re just another one. If you believe that this is true, try to understand what is the value that you can add that noone else can give.

These words I’m writing are directed to you now, but are the same I repeat to myself each morning I wake. I often have the sensation that my self esteem collapses as a bunch of light feathers would collapse if I was trying to hold them all together. As I try, they inevitably fly away an all around. But I decided I’m not the only one that have weaknesses. I decided to believe that it’s perfectly fine if I can’t reach my daily goal, it means I’ll try harder the day after. 

You could make it too, if you only wanted to.
It’s only a matter of decision.
Will you believe? 

CHEAP FESTIVAL 2018 | Call for artist entry


As promised, here’s something for CHEAP’s Call For Artist. I already said how much I was waiting for it to open in a previous post. 🙂 I also really liked the topic, Fragment/Unit, because it can be interpreted in different ways, especially in this historic moment.

While conformism is now the ordinary, we feel unique as never before. At the same time, a feeling of hate and violence is getting stronger, pushing our need to feel part of the human kind again, to find a greater love, to hold hands without fear. 

This is my vision and what I tried to represent. Last week I sent my work to CHEAP, selected works are going to be announced at the end of May, so… let’s hope for the best! 🤞

3×3 Magazine | Review

Do you remember my post about Artefiera? Well, I forgot to say something quite important, that the entrance was filled with tons of beautiful books and mags for sale. In this case my reactions are 2: first I become a new kind of creepy Gollum that wants everything he sees, second I remember how poor I am and that stealing is not quite the way.
But whenever I am surrounded by stuff that catches my eye, I just have to take something home with me. And this is the story of how I start to touch, browse, look and my mind get to decide which piece is the most special in that specific moment.

This time’s winner is 3×3 magazine that I found at Edicola 518’s stand.  This magazine was new to me and besides from being today’s protagonist is a yearly collection of the best illustrators of the year, in this case is obviously 2017
What I liked the most is the decision to collect the artist not for their style or origin, that can often end up being quite boring for the reader, but for medium. From Posters to online magazines, from books to videogames, the possibility of applications for a specific style are endless and this layout help us understand that our taste can always suit to someone’s project out there.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

It is not true that one style is better than another one for a specif job or field, or better said, that might be, but never give anything for granted.
Last but not least and there’s probably no need to say that, it is a true gold mine to draw some inspiration and the chosen illustrators are terrific.
But I’ll let the pictures speak for it, as I always do.

What about your inspirational sources?
Let me know about yours in the comments!


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Cotonfioc 2018 | Call for Artist Entry

Cross your finger for me and my colorful girl.
I just sent my entry for the Cotonfioc 2018 Call for Artist. Cotonfioc is a music festival held in Genoa, this year’s going to be in June and the topic they gave was The others, closely nobody’s normal. As you can imagine, I love it.  So, inspired by the way of saying To show your true colors, this was my proposal, playing with the concept of a regular black and white girl and the weird colored mask.
Because we all know that the weird stuff is all kept inside, right?

I’m leaving here the poster preview but you can find the full project on my Behance. Just in case you stop by and you like it, think about pressing that thumb up, Id really appreciate that. 🙂

Okay, time to get back to work now, but I’ll let you know who the winner is and which posters will be selected for the exposition that will take place during the days of the festival, probably here or on my social channels. I bet it’s going to be as great as the call. Stay Tuned!

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

greyheron | Pynch

Music is a huge part in my life.
It has always been there and always will.
I’m a singer too, for those who do not know that and it’s been quite a lot since the last time I had a musical project I really loved. I’m glad I waited, because I’m now part of a duo I really love and I 100% love the music that we make.
I thought about sharing it, just like I share here every other piece of my artsy side.
I hope you enjoy our music, this is greyheron.

Cheap 2018 | Call for Artists

From now on I would like to bring you as many art contest as I can, for all the artists out there, starting from a very interesting one. I’ve been waiting for this call pretty long now and I encourage you to take part to it, It’s Cheap‘s call for artist 2018.

This year’s topic is Fragment/Unity and the description on their website really makes me want to get to work immediately! I’m leaving here an extract so you can read it:

” […] every one of your individual posters is a fragment of the collective narrative that is unity. But also like our societies, increasingly broken down into individual fragments of social, cultural and economic atomization. Parceled out in a process we experience as a limit with the power to erect borders and ignite conflicts, a limit with the power to position individual subjectivities in opposition and transform them into elements just waiting to collide […]
CHEAP challenges you all to overcome this fragmentation and imagine new scenes of re-composition: defragmented, reassembled and reconstituted, granting us access to new complex systems. Show us what it means to be single in a plural setting, experience yourselves as atoms inside a different kind of matter, make room for the possibility of being different but equal, establish whether the whole really is more than the sum of its parts. […] Cast yourselves as bacteria and experience the virality of the new colony. Show us that you have to be drops if you want to be the ocean.”

Will you take part to this? I will surely do and you will also see my entry right here on my website. I’m leaving the link to their website down here.
So, what do you think? Do you like this year’s topic? And do you like the idea of me collecting here all the new and interesting art contest I find around the web? Drop me a comment down here and let me know! 



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