WE MAKE ART: 10 questions to get to know Tony il Grigio

Yay, I can’t wait to introduce him. This month’s illustrator totally got me with a black and white illustration that left me speechless. Ready? Scroll and see yourself!

we-make-art-elements-0110 QUESTIONS TO GET TO KNOW TONY IL GRIGIO

Antonino, or Tony, is only 20 years old and is studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna. His attention for details enrapture us and drag us inside his stories.
Let’s see what he said facing our beloved 10 questions!

• When and how did you start making art?

This is an harder question than what might seem. I thought about it often, you know?
Of course, as many others I started when I was very young, at the kindergarten in my case

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Sulla Monotipia | About Monotype

It’s been a while since I started my illustration lessons at the Scuola di illustrazione di Scandicci here in Florence, many of you might already know if you’re following my updates on Facebook or Instagram. 🙂

Besides the super fun lessons that we have with Candia, our teacher that I have to at least mention, I took part to four more workshops held by some great illustrators, very different in between them in concepts, in the way they live as artists and most of all in their art processes. 

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Time and us [ About finding your own style ]


How much do we spend in trying to understand what we’re doing wrong.
We load our backs with doubts, questions, observations, comments, until we get to the point that we’re forced to drag ourselves because we can’t walk anymore.
Then one day we’re just too tired to go on and we let ourselves fall on the ground and in that moment, just that one, when we feel like all our hope has slipped away due to all the sweating, with candid simplicity we drop this burden that slowed us down so far.
And with our mind, empty and distant, we just let ourselves go that what we really are.

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