WE MAKE ART: 10 questions to get to know Michele Parisi

Hello everyone, it’s We Make Art time, once again!
This month’s artist makes me really happy, because he’s bringing something different, and I feel like this art column is getting rich in content. 🙂
Michele indeed, is great with digital painting and works entirely with digital tools.
I know you can’t wait to see his work, so, just scroll!


Michele’s paintings got me immediately, since the very first moment I lied my eyes on them. Dark moods and smooth figures blend perfectly into his illustrations and they drag us down into a magical and surreal world. What’s behind all this?

• When and how did you start making art?

I started when I was a kid but it was only in my 16 that art became a serious part of my life, when I left the Industrial Technical Institute to join the art school.

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In between all my layered thoughts


Did it ever happen to you that after seeing many beautiful things all together, inevitably, it feels like something inside you is moving?
You feel like crying, but not because you you feel sad, the opposite, because you unexpectedly feel home.

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WE MAKE ART: 10 questions to get to know Silvia Argilli

Here we are once again, I know you were waiting for this moment, admit it! It’s time for We Make Art!
This month I interviewed an artist I met years ago and, somehow, I saw her work growing.
Having her as guest, even if it’s the first time here, it feels a little bit like opening my door to an old friend.


This is her, right while she’s making one of her famous portraits. Indeed, One of the things Silvia usually does is sitting at fairs, markets and events and making portraits to the passers-by. This is also how she gets to know new people, she listens to their stories, knows about different lives while she draws lines on the paper.
But her work is about so much more and for once, I would love to be the one listening to her. Are you with me? Let’s start!

• When and how did you start making art?

If your meaning of “making art” is “will to communicate with colors”, in that case I probably started very early in my life, during my elementary school to be specific. My consumption of paper and crayons seemed unstoppable.

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