WE MAKE ART: 10 questions to get to know Gloria Belardinelli

Hey! There we are with the second artist!
I’m super happy to introduce you today’s artist, not only because she’s and amazing digital artist but also because she’s a really good friend of mine. 🙂


Her name is Helowene but she started to introduce herself as Gloria and that’s how everyone call her now. Her works, just like her blog are a mix of concepts that tell us a lot about her. Always positive and determined, she’s pursuing her dream concretely and she recently formed a team that work with her day by day at the “Saint Motel Italia” where she’s both writer and illustrator.

• When and how did you start making art?

My family is full of creative people, I think that everything began when I started being able to hold a pen.

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WE MAKE ART: 10 Questions to get to know “M Sketches”

Sooo… Here we are!
Time has come to tell you about the news I’ve been writing you about in my last posts. I’m really happy to introduce you the very first interview made by artists to artists, for everyone: “we make art”.

In 10 questions, completely focused on art and the artist, we will frame the guest of the day, to know him/her better. The questions, I’ve collected talking to other people interested in art like me and you, are directed to the young and emergent artists I’ll find roaming around as I usually do, hoping to satisfy your curiosity and to give a mirror to all the other young artists out there that might want to hear how a completely different person is living his same moment in his artistic path.

But let’s get straight to the real point, here’s my very first guest!

we-make-art-elements-0110 QUESTIONS TO GET TO KNOW M SKETCHES

This is Martina, she lives in Florence but left her heart in Spain. She love Chinese food take-away but most of all she’s drawing and watercoloring almost all day long…


• When and how did you start making art?

I was in Madrid, during my Erasmus, and I was walking through the Retiro ark when I stumbled upon some people sitting on the grass that were chatting and drawing everything around them. I realized, right in that moment that I wanted to do that too! After 5 minutes I was at the nearest Tiger shop buying some pencils and a sketchbook.

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Wolves in music [WIP, last update 22/11/16]


22/11/2016 – Update
And here it is, the final drawing! 🙂
I thought you might appreciate a small update to see it done.

I will soon upload it in high resolution in my portofolio too.
Do you like it? What’s your opinion about it? Personally, I can’t wait to have a little time to keep on working on the CD design. <3
Anyway, stay tuned because a lot of new works are coming, uhuh.

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In the dark


In the dark, literally, yes.
The only light I see right now is the one coming from my computer screen.
The only sounds I hear are the songs coming out from the speakers.
This is the song coming out right now:

And I’m thinking.

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Crazy days! (Back from the dead)


Oh gosh, I seriously can’t believe that I did actually had the time to write here…
My last two weeks had been CRAZY, I mean it. I couldn’t even keep up with the Inktober thing and I’m feeling pretty sorry about it to be honest… This is why I was thinking about collecting all of them here on my website, maybe even on a blog post, how about that?

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