Sotto La Gonna, An Ode To No One [Free Download]

Do you remember my two old posts about my collaboration with the Italian writer?

This was the first one: “While legs run and play, hands are drawing”
 and here’s the second one: “Crazy days!”

Well, everything is finally done and we are just waiting for it to be published into this collection of history dedicated to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. In agreement with the Author, I turned it into a free and downloadable E-book that you can download from my usual Free Download Area.

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WE MAKE ART: 10 questions to get to know Kitsune

Oh my, did it really passed another month already? Sigh, time flies!
Well, at least this means that it’s time to interview a new artist for We Make Art! This week’s guest is Greta, also known as Kitsune.

we-make-art-elements-0110 QUESTIONS TO GET TO KNOW KITSUNE

There she is, this super young girl down here and I can assure you that she’s as sweet as she appears! Her traits are black, irregular and dense but sometimes they open, leaving place to the colors of the rainbow, creating a surprisingly impressive mix!

• When and how did you start making art?

I started the day I used my crayons on the wall of the very first house I lived in: I wanted to draw everywhere, without limits. My creativity is, most of the times, expressed on paper but I like to use also wood, fabrics, wires, clay, photographs, walls… They are all different self expressions and I’d never give up on any of them.

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