Not the regular St. Valentine’s Day!

Once more, it’s almost St. Valentine’s day.

I’m not a huge fan of the day-of-the-couples-thing to be honest, but I’ve always thought that it’s just one more chance to celebrate all the people that we love.
Not just our sweet-half , but also friends, family or even only the beautiful people that cheer our lives up.

This is why, what I hate the most, are all those horrible, terrible, super cheesy cards.

Most of them can’t even be used to show some affection to our best friends or siblings for example!
I was thinking about all these things while drawing some days ago, and suddenly this idea came to my mind.

I thought “I’m going to draw some greeting cards, suitable for everyone!” and

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My 5 reasons to love Faber Castell’s PITT artist pens: the pros (and few cons) of these ink markers.

Some months ago I was roaming inside of an art shop.
As always, I was looking for absolutely nothing in particular, but just enjoying the smell of wood coming from the pencils and looking at the brand new sketchbooks that were surrounding me (I bet you all know that feeling, eheh).
If you’re not new in here, I’m pretty sure that you noticed how much I love ink pens and guess what happened? Yep, I just stumble upon this huge wall of ink pens, markers. Shall I mention that most of them were also beautifully black?
So, what happens then I guess we’re all kind of aware of it and yes, I bought a set!

 I went out with a huge smile on my face and jumping on the way home.
Now It’s been a while since I’m using them and I am pretty happy about the choice I made.
I use them almost everyday and I feel like I can give you my opinion on that.

So here are the 5 main reasons why I’m happy with my purchase:

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WE MAKE ART: 10 questions to get to know Monica Gori

Here we are again with a new great artist, first one for this 2017 and third interview of this art appointment.
This all makes me so happy. Yes because I feel that is amazing that all this amazing creative people decided to show themselves and give us a sneak peek of their world right here, on my blog, for us all.
So, once again, I move from my side and sit down with you on the audience side to leave our latest guest all the space she needs.

we-make-art-elements-0110 QUESTIONS TO GET TO KNOW MONICA GORI

She seems shy but what’s hiding is a colorful and ironic personality that you can totally see through the style of her sweet drawings. Simple traits, warm colors and deep messages are what her works are made of, I’m glad to introduce you to Monica Gori, the 26 years old Italian illustrator from Rimini and our guest today.
But let’s just to her words, that will describe her better than I could ever do!

• When and how did you start making art?

First of all thank you for giving me the chance to put down in black and white my thoughts and processes, now I feel like I have much more order inside my head! Now I feel like I know myself better!

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Paper planes, animals and stories.


Yes, because everything starts from paper.
The white paper sheet you place in front of you when you feel like drawing something, the colorful paper that capture your sight when looking for inspiration, whether is a book page, some gift paper wrap or an origami sheet.
It’s such a lightweight object, yet so important in every creative person’s life.

But why am I writing about paper and origami? Because that was the last subject of my inspiration, you can see the whole work here.
I wanted to share with you this last work, that I’m very satisfied with. 🙂
Here are some pictures of the finished pieces.

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