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If so, stay tuned because a super giveaway it’s coming, involving this guy up here that’s also subject of my latest digital work. I really feel the urge to draw more animals… Yes, I can totally feel it. 🐕 🐈 🐇

Dive into words, like the white whale. [Free download]

Yup, I ripped this page from a Moby Dick book. A pretty old and used one actually.
Nice edition, I loved the italian translation.

My friend said I am a monster for doing it.
But I did it for the sake of art, could you ever forgive me?

Plus, that was just a part of the real book. Come on!
I found it years ago in a thrift shop and started reading it, but as I said, it was just half of the book. So I decided to buy a better edition, with amazing illustrations and to use this old one to have fun. 🙂

The original piece is going to be a gift, but thinking about that, I decided to make it a gift for you all, soooo… Yup, surprise! You can find an A4 printable version for free in my downloadable area!

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Consider it my late Christmas Gift, eheh!

If you download it and make a picture out of it for your home or whatever, please send me a picture, I’d be super glad to know about it and to see the result. <3




A bell is ringing.
Can you hear it from the woods?
A ray of light
hole the shadow.
Don’t speak now,
listen to the sough of the wind
wash your face from the past,
you can leave it here.
Can the music keep playing?
I don’t want to hear anything else.
I just want to rest my head
We’ve been wandering too long.
I lost the count of my steps.
all I know is they brought me here,
to face the wanderer
and lay my weights.
How did I become so different?
How did I become so much like you?
How are we so apart?
How are we so alike?

What do you want to do?

What do I want to do?
What I DON’T want to do, that’s everything I know.

I want to learn day by day something new,
start again,
find out new limits
and then break the wind to tear them down.
Fall in love with beautiful things each new day,
and never stop feeling surprised when I realize that, instead,
this world is shining.
Throw lines on the paper and create shapes.
Soil them with shadows and color.
Feeling motivational dissatisfaction
to realize that you’re just evolving,
to search for it because it’s vital, more than oxygen.

We live with this sword of Damocles upon us: “what do you want to do?”.
This is what I want to do, keep exploring and wondering everyday.
Keep opening new doors to understand how many things I still don’t know
and I probably never will.
Leave that curiosity will fill up my thoughts every second I breathe,
to feel my lungs full of soubts,
my head full of ideas,
my heart full of desire to carry on searching.

We are made of starstuff | About my latest project

One dot.
Then a bigger one.
One more, smaller, one and two and three more.

Then comes a line, going from left to right.
Wait, this is going from the bottom to the top instead!

Maybe it’s just my playful way to fill the gaps.
I don’t know what clicked in my head when in my head, exactly, I drew those constellations.
It is like there are connections between my thoughts, they born and die here in my brain, fast as the starlight that crosses the empty space to reach us. Every spot is a single question I ask myself, and while it grows it traces a line that leads to a newborn concept.

Well, after all I’m just talking, because I appreciate when other people find their way to break down these representation of my instincts to play with them and build their own with my pieces.

I just love to find some new ways to play with nothingness. To understand where I can paint with black, to pierce the white paper to fill it then again with far galaxies and crowds of undefined stars.
Could there be life there?
What about you, what did you see in those stars?

Click to see the “We are made of starstuff” page

Sotto La Gonna, An Ode To No One | Free Download

Do you remember my two old posts about my collaboration with the Italian writer?

This was the first one: “While legs run and play, hands are drawing”
 and here’s the second one: “Crazy days!”

Well, everything is finally done and we are just waiting for it to be published into this collection of history dedicated to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. In agreement with the Author, I turned it into a free and downloadable E-book that you can download from my usual Free Download Area.


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Unfortunately, it’s still only in Italian, but I promise you to make something in English too! Just wait for it 🙂

Don’t forget to drop me a comment with your opinions, tips or question if you have any!
Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Not the regular St. Valentine’s Day!

Once more, it’s almost St. Valentine’s day.

I’m not a huge fan of the day-of-the-couples-thing to be honest, but I’ve always thought that it’s just one more chance to celebrate all the people that we love.
Not just our sweet-half , but also friends, family or even only the beautiful people that cheer our lives up.

This is why, what I hate the most, are all those horrible, terrible, super cheesy cards.

Most of them can’t even be used to show some affection to our best friends or siblings for example!
I was thinking about all these things while drawing some days ago, and suddenly this idea came to my mind.

I thought “I’m going to draw some greeting cards, suitable for everyone!” and

I tried some designs, but my best three are definitely these ones down here

So I used them to design three different St. Valentine’s card to say THANK YOU to all the amazing people that bring the good in our lives everyday.

Yeah, yeah, I know that black is NEVER related to love and such but… who cares? I would love to receive a cool black and white design instead of those sad red hearts! Plus it’s hand drawn, do I need to say anything more? 😛

You just need to print the file onto a cardboard sheet, fold it in half and it will be ready to be filled with your own message!

You can download the files into the new FREE DOWNLOAD AREA.

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Who will you give your card to? And what’s your favouite design between the three? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Crazy days! | Back from the dead


Oh gosh, I seriously can’t believe that I did actually had the time to write here…
My last two weeks had been CRAZY, I mean it. I couldn’t even keep up with the Inktober thing and I’m feeling pretty sorry about it to be honest… This is why I was thinking about collecting all of them here on my website, maybe even on a blog post, how about that?

More to the point, I’m here to tell you about the collaboration I wrote about on my last post: all the drawings are done and the eBook is coming out soon.
I’ll obvioulsy keep you updated, uhuh!

In the meanwhile I uploaded them all here, along with the cover, just to hype! ahah
I can’t wait to see all the other stories that will be published with ours.

Sooo, I guess I’m done for today but stay tuned also for the news, I’m going to open a small space here on my website dedicated to all the people that draw, create and love to play with paper and ink, no matter whether traditional or digital.

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Done? Perfect, see you soon then!


Hello there, nice to meet you.

Hey there everyone!
Finally I am writing my first post here on my website.
First of all I really hope that you like it and if you have any comment, tip or thoughts of any kind, really, feel free to share: every opinion is much appreciated.
Switching rapidly to the true topic, I mostly care about sharing with you my new works. 😀
If you are following me on my Instagram and Facebook, you will know that I’ve been in Denmark for a couple of weeks, in particular Copenhagen and Vejby Strand.



Instead of souvenirs, what I brought back home are photos and some works. 🙂



To be honest I think I still have some other raw pictures, so I hope to be able to work on them soon.

Have you ever visited Denmark? Do you like to travel?
Let me know in the comments what is your best memory you have from one of your travels. 🙂