While legs run and play, hands are drawing


So, today I would like to show a little preview of a little “something” that fell on my lap recently.
I underline the word something because thinking about having a real project on my hands already sounds so big to me. But it makes me really happy that I can actually tell that there’s a good writer and one of his stories that we’re going to work on together.

There’s a collaboration, floating in the air, right in front of my nose.

To be honest, I’d rather not reveal any detail of the story because I would really love if you could just read it on your own, to enjoy of all the beautiful words just where the author decided them to be, maybe while framing my drawing.
Yep, a really good picture on my mind.

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Hello there, nice to meet you.

Hey there everyone!
Finally I am writing my first post here on my website.
First of all I really hope that you like it and if you have any comment, tip or thoughts of any kind, really, feel free to share: every opinion is much appreciated.
Switching rapidly to the true topic, I mostly care about sharing with you my new works. 😀
If you are following me on my Instagram and Facebook, you will know that I’ve been in Denmark for a couple of weeks, in particular Copenhagen and Vejby Strand.



Instead of souvenirs, what I brought back home are photos and some works. 🙂



To be honest I think I still have some other raw pictures, so I hope to be able to work on them soon.

Have you ever visited Denmark? Do you like to travel?
Let me know in the comments what is your best memory you have from one of your travels. 🙂