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Avete mai sentito parlare di Hoppìpolla? 
È una scatola magica, piena di cose belle e di felicità.

è così che mi sono sentita quando ho aperto la mia proprio oggi! L’aspettavo da un po’, era la prima volta che arrivava e come tutte le cose nuove regala un misto di

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“Will Happiness find me” by Peter Fischli and David Weiss | Book Review

I believe that exploring what’s behind and inside our minds is even more interesting than what we can create sometimes. Or at least, it can help us get into that one’s life and to understand how that person became who he or she is.

I believe that the ideas that we have are just the product of everything that surround us.

Un post condiviso da Chimù – Chiara Mulas (@chimu_art) in data:

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My 5 reasons to love Faber Castell’s PITT artist pens: the pros (and few cons) of these ink markers.

Some months ago I was roaming inside of an art shop.
As always, I was looking for absolutely nothing in particular, but just enjoying the smell of wood coming from the pencils and looking at the brand new sketchbooks that were surrounding me (I bet you all know that feeling, eheh).
If you’re not new in here, I’m pretty sure that you noticed how much I love ink pens and guess what happened? Yep, I just stumble upon this huge wall of ink pens, markers. Shall I mention that most of them were also beautifully black?
So, what happens then I guess we’re all kind of aware of it and yes, I bought a set!

 I went out with a huge smile on my face and jumping on the way home.
Now It’s been a while since I’m using them and I am pretty happy about the choice I made.
I use them almost everyday and I feel like I can give you my opinion on that.

So here are the 5 main reasons why I’m happy with my purchase:

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