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Weeks ago I just told you half of the story. After my weekend in Turin, I took a train to get to Padova, because another amazing concert was waiting for me there. When I heard that Hundred Waters were playing at MAME Club I thought it was a joke, but when I checked, tickets were actually available. 13.50€... seriously? Again, I thought it was probably fake. So I did what everyone would do, I googled it and it turned out it was actually true: how could I not go? First and only one date in Italy.  I had to. So that's what I did,  I took my backpack and went there. No regret. The opening band was HÅN, I didn't know her music and it was a very pleasant discover. Then Hundred Waters, one of my favorite bands started playing. What happened was both unexpected and beautiful.

Pic taken at Artissima's art fair 2017 Well, I took some days off recently. Everyday life has been swallowing me and I just did not notice it, until I realized it all of a sudden. Luckily I have some good friends that drag me out of my cave and away from work whenever I need it.  I'm glad to introduce you to my crew, eheh. So, with these lovely people up here, I've been roaming a little in Turin. Turned out to be a quite cold but peaceful long weekend. All the streets were already decorated with some cool light installation. Of course the space/constellation decorations caught my attention quite immediately. Well, to be honest it became peaceful right after the Club 2 Club concert on Friday: did I mention that I was there for a pretty big concert? I bet you aren't surprised at all, eheh. I was there mostly to see Bonobo and Nicolas Jaar live. 

I believe that exploring what's behind and inside our minds is even more interesting than what we can create sometimes. Or at least, it can help us get into that one's life and to understand how that person became who he or she is. I believe that the ideas that we have are just the product of everything that surround us.

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