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Who is Chimù

Hey there, I’m Chiara but you can call me Chimù.

I was born in Arezzo in 1990 and as long as I understood I could hold a pen or a pencil I started drawing onto anything, just ask my dad how many times he had to paint the walls of our house.

Though, my parents liked my artsy inclination and kept giving me blank papers sheets, books, diaries and anything I could spend my time and colors on.
Despite that I studied languages instead of art, even if, during the lessons, I often got caught with my head on the clouds and my hands on my notebook, sketching.

Then I grew up for a while, leaving my creative side beside but I recently realized that being an adult is not for me and that’s when I reopened the bright box of my imagination, calling it Chimù.

I sincerely wish you a nice stay here on my website and feel free to send me a message
to ask anything or even only to say hi, I really enjoy meeting new people!