Roam through Bologna, you will stumble upon beauty.

576 1024 Chimú - Chiara Mulas Art & Illustrations


One of the things I like the most, is to get lost trough the streets of cities I don’t know that much. Well, Bologna is not an unknown place to me but since I never lived there, it still taste a little bit like there’s always something new you’re about to discover around that corner or the other one and somehow that’s exactly what happened. While I was wandering with my friend, the poster you can see here above my words got our attention. This is how I got to know the Cheap Festival

After spotting these beautiful street posters in multiple places of the city, I immediately went to look for information. It turned out this is a super cool initiative, 100% Italian, involving street art and artists of any kind that are willing to take part to the project. I even managed to talk to one of the founders, Sara, that kindly explained to me how it works and what is all about. It’s quite easy though, you submit your work when the artist call is open so that the staff can pick up the best and more suitable works, according to taste and coherence with the year’s topic. Then they print it and expose them, sticking them onto the whole city’s walls. Cool isn’t it? 

I can’t wait for the Call for Artist 2018, I’m definitely taking part this year!

I was in Bologna to meet some friends an see Tycho’s concert on the 27th of October

and Mogwai‘s concerts on the 29th.
They are both amazing artists by the way and I totally recommend you to listen to their music if you don’t do that already.

Can’t wait to talk you about my latest trip to Turin and to show you the amazing places I’ve been to, stay tuned!