Eat. Concerts. Art Shows. Sleep. Repeat.

835 972 Chimú - Chiara Mulas Art & Illustrations

Pic taken at Artissima's art fair 2017

Well, I took some days off recently. Everyday life has been swallowing me and I just did not notice it, until I realized it all of a sudden. Luckily I have some good friends that drag me out of my cave and away from work whenever I need it.  I’m glad to introduce you to my crew, eheh.

So, with these lovely people up here, I’ve been roaming a little in Turin. Turned out to be a quite cold but peaceful long weekend. All the streets were already decorated with some cool light installation. Of course the space/constellation decorations caught my attention quite immediately.

Well, to be honest it became peaceful right after the Club 2 Club concert on Friday: did I mention that I was there for a pretty big concert? I bet you aren’t surprised at all, eheh. I was there mostly to see Bonobo and Nicolas Jaar live. I’m sorry for my silent video but my phone just can’t take high volumes and only produces terrible screeches, so trust me, it’s better without. -_-

While in Turin, we also took some time to visit a couple of nice Museums and Art Exihibition. In there I took some pictures I’d like to share with you, hoping to pass on to you the same mood and feelings and inspiration I drew there.

The first one was Artissima Fair 2017, where we spent the whole Sunday morning.
I loved the huge neon words. It’ so sad I can’t drag you inside my memories to show you the beautiful artworks, drawings, photos and installations I saw there, but I posted some on my Instagram Stories, did you catch them? 

The second astonishing place I would like to mention is the Egyptian museum. If you’re a fan of the ancient Egypt, then you can’t miss the chance to visit this place. I absolutely loved the way they managed to dive the visitor into the places they talk about and the stories they tell. Again, some pictures I took there, just to push you a little more. 😉

After seeing these wonderful places, I went to Padova to see another super cool concert, but I will tell you more about it on my next post. ❤

See you soon,