Love, is what they showed.

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Weeks ago I just told you half of the story.
After my weekend in Turin, I took a train to get to Padova, because another amazing concert was waiting for me there.

When I heard that Hundred Waters were playing at MAME Club I thought it was a joke, but when I checked, tickets were actually available.
13.50€… seriously? Again, I thought it was probably fake.
So I did what everyone would do, I googled it and it turned out it was actually true: how could I not go?
First and only one date in Italy. 
I had to.

So that’s what I did,  I took my backpack and went there. No regret.

The opening band was HÅN, I didn’t know her music and it was a very pleasant discover.

Then Hundred Waters, one of my favorite bands started playing.
What happened was both unexpected and beautiful.
The concert was small, intimate and even kind of moving. We could actually look Nicole in the eyes while she was trying to use some italian words and smiling back at us.


After the concert we discovered that half of the audience were Zach’s italian relatives and they were here to meet them.

It felt surreal: we were in the middle of a family reunion and this three amazing musicians, which felt so distant until that moment, were in front of me. We were talking face to face, I could tell them how much I loved their music and that the only reason I was there in that specific moment it was because of that, because they were playing that night.

They even gave us a t-shirt and a signed vinyl.
Are there words to explain how I felt?

If you don’t know them, I encourage you to listen to their music and to do so, I’ll leave you the song that enraptured me. Shigeto’s remix of their Cavity.

They sing Show me love, this is mine for them. <3

See you on the next post,