Jumping into 2018 while exploring Italy

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FINALLY the 2017 is gone. Lol, just kidding.

2017 was not bad year for me, at all, but December is always a terrible month in my opinion. Plus I really needed some holidays and some time for me.

Like a lot.

Don’t know about you, but sometimes I need to get completely away and do something that can restore my will power, my inspiration, myself. Most of the time this means travelling and roaming somewhere, in order to free my mind and gain back that voice in my head that whispers “Get back to your work, now!”.

Right now is actually screaming.

But let’s take this from the beginning. Me and my mate, with our almost nonexistent budget tried to book some flight or holiday. Of course everything is terribly expensive during the new year’s period, so we just decided to jump in the car and visit Umbria, one region of our beautiful country.

Being broke has a good side: it makes choices quite easy to make.
So we packed our things, our enthusiasm and we started our trip.
Pynch were now on the road:

We’ve seen Città di Castello, Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto, Narni, Todi and Orvieto. We did the tourist tour, plus we went seeing some cool art exhibitions. Like the Alberto Burri one in Città di Castello (I couldn’t take pictures there and I cried inside).

While being in Perugia, we found this super sweet exhibition inside the National Archaeological Museum of Umbria. Cute and unexpected, here’s a bit of it.

After Perugia we headed to Spoleto, a small and incredibly cute town I fell quite in love with.

There, besides the fortress, the main square and the Roman house, we found the Visual Arts center at Palazzo Collicola. I’llet the images speak for themselves:

The building was incredibly beautiful and how they managed to mix modern art with its old structure has its very own poetic. I loved to lose myself inside of it, I just wished I had a little more time! I even found a continuation of myself there…

Meh, yup, bad joke, but I love that pattern indeed, ghgh.

But our schedule was calling so we kept roaming through the beautiful places I listed before. Todi’s Cathedral, the one you can see in the picture below, got a small place inside my heart. But Also the Assisi church painted by Giotto, the Orvieto cathedral and all those tiny and steep streets I’ve waked in.

The last town we saw was Orvieto, on the 31st December and the first day of the year  actually. I didn’t sleep that much, and you can really see it on my face. You can thank Michele later for this great picture…


Yeah, after this we got back home and I got my rest, lol.
I’ll leave you a couple more pictures from the last art exhibition I saw this weekend in Pisa, the Escher one. All his linocuts, xylographies, lithographies and etchings were seriously great. I leave you down here my fav three.

So, once again my diary of inspirational findings has come to an end. My good intention is to work more and better this year and secretly wishing to pursue a couple of dreams that I’m still keeping locked in my room. 

What about you? How did you spend your holidays? What are your good intentions for this 2018? 
I want to hear from you, leave me a comment down here! Let’s challenge your motivation!