Blue skies, blue mood.

580 510 Chimú - Chiara Mulas Art & Illustrations

There is always a time
and a space,
proper ones.
And proper times
and spaces
to miss the chances
to discover what’s on
the other side.

Sometimes we just don’t feel okay. For all the times we hide things to others and especially to ourselves, there are times when they emerge and they claim to be faced.
We can’t always have bright days.
I had a dark one the other day.

Somehow, when you find yourself surrounded by darkness, suddenly, what you have seems enlightened.
I am so lucky to have beautiful people around me.
I feel so lucky to still be able to see the good and to fall in love with life everyday.


One of the things that relieves me from sadness is art.
And the other day, while walking to breathe, I happened to be right in front of the door of this beautiful library I’ve always wanted to visit, Mirabilia.
This magical place, that absolutely fulfilled my expectations, also hosted Roger Olmos’ exhibition “Cosimo”.
As always, I managed to steal one or two pics for you:

I also bought his lovely book “Amigos“, since I love bunnies so much, you might have an idea of how much I like that book.

I loved his exhibition, he is so talented. I love how he manages to pass on his message through detail, without even using words. Simple as that. 
If you happen to be in Bologna, on the 31st January will take place the finissage and I totally recommend you to go and see his works.

Art is what can save us, is our way to communicate what we can’t describe, to relieve without speaking.
Art will save the world.