Artefiera 2018 | About art, time and us

804 536 Chimú - Chiara Mulas Art & Illustrations

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Two weeks ago I was in Bologna again, uhuh. It was a snowy day, how cool is that?

I was there for ArteFiera and I really enjoyed it honestly. I love every kind of environment where I can surround myself with artworks and artpieces. As always I took some pictures to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

Artefiera was great, but what was remarkable are actually all the smallest event related to the event, that born in its surroundings. 

Like Imprevedibile, a smaller exhibition held at the Fondazione Golinelli. Smaller in size, but not in quality, the exhibition focus was on the future and how it affected and affects us. The name, indeed, means Unpredictable. 

On the left “Future comes anyway”

I would love to leave you a short video of my favorite piece, the remaining life of Nasan Tur.

The seconds you see running are the real countdown of the time that’s left for the artist to live. My obsession with how I spend my time, to make every second of my existence worth, I saw every part of of it here.

What I love mostly of these exhibition is their way to connect people through art. Artist are just people with something to say but that couldn’t find the words to do that.
We can all find a connection with some inner side of us in these places.

Do you have a piece of art you feel a connection with?
If so, tell me about it in the comments, it would be great to see what you have to say.