“Chimera” and “Gomen Gaijin” by Nomi Chi | Book Review

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Ok guys, I can die happy now, I have in my hands two of Nomi Chi’s sketchbooks.
She is one of my favorite illustrator and tattoo artist and it’s been something like MANYyears since that day I started following her work on her Deviantart.
Just to give you the idea, I keep the back of my neck free from any tattoos because I know that I’ll have a rabbit tattooed by her there one day.
(I keep dreaming, yeah) 

So, this December, I decided to buy me a special present and here they are: Chimera and Gomen, Gaijin!  (Plus some cute postcards that they sent me, thanks a lot, I love them)

They are published by Von zos. They are based in NY and they have a super sweet Instagram account I totally recommend you to follow… like now, go and hit that follow button. Done? Great.

These two books are lovely because they aren’t the usual sketchbook or artwork collection. This is intimate.
Pictures, stolen pages, details. These are not books that elevate the author to a level you can’t reach, it’s the opposite, it makes you feel what she felt.
I can totally see her drawing in her Moleskine while travelling, I can feel the tremble of a train or car and the urge to draw in the raw lines.
As a person that drags the sketchbook everyhwhere when traveling, I understand and I find it beautiful.

Okay, I know I sound like a fangirl, and I totally am, so I guess I’ll let the pictures speak for me.

If you are interested in Nomi Chi works and these books, here you can find the links:
Nomi Chi website
Von zos
Chimera and Gomen, Gaijin.

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Chiara ❤